Today we are going to talk about a sensitive subject that concerns the animal lovers and animal keepers. To face the truth – we all give our pets little treats every now and then, even though they get regular meals during the day.

However, we should consider their health before giving them something that we can easily digest, for it may not be that good for them. French fries, a cookie or chips is not good for us and neither it is for them!

Foods that you can Share with your Dog

Thankfully, some human foods are fit for animals too! The animals need all the nutrients the humans do, but not all healthy foods for human are healthy foods for pets.

For an example, raisins and chocolate shout not be given to animals for they pose a threat to their health and may lead to a higher toxicity risk.

What you also need to be aware of is that the animals, just like the humans, can be allergic to a certain type of foods.

Believe it or not, they can be sensitive to certain products or ingredients, such as wheat, soy, and even corn. In order to avoid all of this and focus on maintaining the health of your pet, whether it is a dog, a cat or a bird, you have come to the right place.

Health should always come first, so this is why we have comprised a list of 10 foods you should absolutely give to your pet in order to improve its overall health. Let’s begin now:

1. Carrots – no wonder that dogs love carrots. They are packed with natural sweetness as well as the Vitamins A and C, which contributes to a better coat and healthier eyes.

The carrots are also considered to be a great source of fiber for pets and for humans, so this means both of you can enjoy a raw or a cooked carrot. You can even have it as a snack, dipped in raw almond butter.

2. Pumpkin – this is another wonderful foods for dogs as well as humans. The pumpkin provides the same nutrients carrots do, and is perfect for controlling the digestive system.

You can enjoy the pumpkin any time of the year. You can serve it with a butternut squash for yourself and in combination with fish or meat for your pet.

You can bake the pumpkin into muffins, make homemade treats for your pet and so on.

3. Millet – this is actually a seed, but it also cooks up just like a grain. Because it is an excellent source of minerals for both animals and humans, it is a favorite seed among birds.

The raw seeds can be given to the birds, and the cooked seeds can be mixed with dog food or made into home made treats for your pet.

The millet has a sweet, nutty flavor and is favorable among humans too, mainly for its density in nutrients and being great for fighting an inflammation.

4. Green peas – they are not just fun for consuming, dogs tend to love them! They provide proteins, minerals and digestive fiber.

The green peas are considered to be a great legume for humans because of their low calorie level and high nutrient level. Also, humans tolerate green peas better than any larger beans.

5. Peanut butter – if your pet doesn’t have a peanut allergy, a natural peanut butter is an excellent option for it. Mix it into their food, bake it into a treat, or even give it to them directly from a spoon, they will love it.

Now, when it comes to cats, they are not big fans of it, but some of the bird treats are made with peanut butter and they can be easy to digest.

The humans can benefit from the peanut butter as well, for it contains iron, magnesium and B vitamins. It can boost your mood and energy levels, as well as your pets mood.

The healthy fats in the peanut butter can improve the efficiency of absorbing fat-soluble vitamins.

6. Sweet potatoes – they are a healthy source of carbs which are not only good for you, but they are good for your dog too!

They enhance the digestion in humans as well as dogs, and they are filled with nutrients among which Vitamins A and C, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and iron.

7. Oats – this food is a classic. Contains iron and protein, is very easy to digest, and is a great source of fiber too.

The oats can be made into anything, from oatmeal to healthy cookies. Humans add the oats into their smoothies, and for dogs they can be added instead of other grains in their food.

Enjoy them every day, for the oats are filled with nutrients which will contribute to a great boost to your nervous system, mood, heart and metabolism.

8. Coconut oil – dogs adore the coconut oil and you could let them enjoy a tablespoon of it each day. Because the animals need more percentage of healthy fats, the dogs can’t overdose from the coconut oil, unlike the people, who can.

The fats from the coconut oil provide the dogs with energy, a healthier mood and improve the overall look of their coat.

The one thing you need to remember here is try using extra virgin coconut oil, raw or organic, to get the best results.

9. Fish – another great source of lean protein is the fish, but this is for humans. When it comes to dogs, whether it is tuna or salmon, or any other type of lean fish, or even broiled or baked seafood will do your pet good.

This is a great option for your dog or cat. The fish is an excellent source of iron, potassium, magnesium, healthy fats, B vitamins, and is also low in saturated fats, and depends on which fish you choose, it can offer you some Vitamin D and E. make sure you stay away from the fried form of fish, and keep it away from your pet too, and always prefer cooking it in order to avoid any form of potential food poisoning and toxins.

10. Berries – whether it is a strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or blackberry, your dog will eat it up in a second. The berries are gentle to the digestive system and are very easy to eat.

They are considered to be a great source of Vitamin C, antioxidants which are amazing for the health of the brain and the heart, and the best food when it comes to maintaining a healthy blood sugar levels.

Because the dried berries contain more sugar and are more difficult to chew, always pick the fresh option for your pet.

If you happen to enjoy berries too, we recommend the same for you – choose fresh berries instead of the dried ones.

So there they are – the 10 best foods which you and your pet can enjoy together. You should definitely give them a try.

This way you create a better grocery list for yourself and take care of the health of your pet in the same time! It is a very good option, and your dog will notice the difference, and so will you.

You will both lead a healthier lifestyle. So get ready and go to the nearest store immediately! Are you aware that a healthy and happy life is only a few bites away from you?

Start as soon as possible, your pet as well as your body will both be thankful you made this decision!