Recently, a man has decided to share his experience of attending a movie theater. While he was waiting in line to buy tickets, he noticed a disabled man sitting in a wheelchair in front of him.

He watched the man struggling to open an envelope with his one functioning hand. The man looked like he had done that before, so he decided not to offer any help because he was afraid that such deed might be insulting.

As the disabled man got up to the counter to pay for the ticket, a woman behind him started to make snide remarks that people like that shouldn’t be allowed to go to the movies.

The man was enraged by the disrespectful attitude of the woman, so he turned around and said to her that she should keep her thoughts to herself because, unlike the physically challenged person in front of them, they should all be lucky to wait in line on their own feet.

When the man got to the counter, the girl who was working at the register told him that he could go to any movie and that the gentleman in front of him had paid for his ticket.

The man decided to share his story in order to express his gratitude to the disabled person for buying him a ticket. However, he didn’t defend him for any reward. He did it because no one deserves to be treated with disrespect.

This story should serve as a reminder that disabled people are just like anyone else, and they should be treated with dignity and respect.

No one should experience disgrace and rejection, so you should empathize with the disabled individuals and the challenges they face.