In this article we will tell you about the best divorce letter that was written from one disappointed husband to his wife. This letter had a lot of views on Internet.

The Best Divorce Letter

The letter is written by husband who tells his wife that he is leaving her forever. He tells her that his last days, were like a hell for him, especially when she quit from job.

He is very disappointed because when she comes from job she didn’t even noticed that he cooked her favorite meal, his hew haircut and new silk boxers.

She didn’t tell him that she love him and don’t want sex anymore. After watching her soaps she went straight to bed.

He doubted that she cheating on him. In the end of the letter says goodbye to her and tells her that he is living with her sister!

On this letter his wife replies that she is very happy that received his letter. She writes him that he is not a good husband. She watched her soaps because didn’t want to hear all his complaining.

She noticed that he have a new haircut but he looks terribly and don’t want to insult him. About boxers, when she saw it she also notice the price tag.

Maybe it is not just a coincidence that her sister previous ask for her the same amount of money that boxes costs. She quit from job because won a 10 million dollars from lottery.

His wife still loved him and bought two billets for Jamaica. When she comes home he wasn’t there anymore, guess with a reason.

Because he send this letter to her, loses his right to the money. And in the end comes the more interesting and funny thing. She informs him that her sister what name is Clara was born like a Carl!