Recently, a cop has shared his inspiring story about his traumatic and abusive childhood. When he was eight years old, his father was constantly drinking and beating his wife.

One day, while the father was in a drunken rage, the boy decided to dial 911. Some time later, two cops entered their home and found the boy and his mom lying on the ground.

One of the cops accompanied the family to the healing facility. He did his report and gave the boy’s sister a teddy bear. The mother pressed charges against her husband in order to keep him away from her children.

After the incident, the boy has joined a baseball team. He never had any friends apart from his schoolmates, and he was too timid to meet new people.

When he met his coach, he realized that he was the same cop who arrested his father. The cop didn’t say anything about how he met the boy, and he never treated him any differently from the other players in the team.

Instead, he helped the boy to make some companions. One day, the boy asked his coach if he could make a good cop, and the coach answered that he would be a decent one.

At the age of 17, the boy graduated secondary school. Then, he attended university and went to serve in Iraq. When he came back, he became a cop.

After 10 years, the cop who has changed the boy’s life was resigning, and the boy decided to visit him.

The cop smiled at the boy and reminded him that he knew he was going to be a good cop. Thanks to the cop, the once terrified boy is now a proud member of law enforcement.