It may sound funny or even bizarre, but these people are called energy vampires. They feed on other people’s energy.

People Stealing your Energy

They tire and exhaust the people around them only by speaking with them because they suck their energy right out.

You are probably wondering why they would do that? Well, this is because they are empty on the inside. They lack the courage to face themselves and their problems.

They are like a hole without an end – they feed of the external factors of life, never knowing where they are headed next.

Deep inside, these people are not happy and they are scared. Most of them steal the energy without even being aware of it. But, despite that, they are still stealing your energy, leaving you tired at the end.

The tricky part here is that until they realize that they have to change, their pattern of behavior will not change too. So, don’t try to help them for they may drag you in with them.

But, how to defend from these people who steal your energy? How can you prevent this kind of a situation? First of all, you have to realize that you do not owe anything to anyone, the least your energy.

Just imagine someone drinking your blood right from a straw. Would you let that happen, knowing that the person drinking it already has enough for themselves, and is just doing it because you let them?

Trust me, if you put an end to this, nothing will ever happen to you. That person will ot die, it will only continue seeking its next victim.

At the end of the day, by letting people suck on your energy you are neither helping yourself, nor them.

So, the first thing is the intent. The intent among people can always be felt, even if you do not speak it out loud.

To stop the energy theft, first of all, you have to be determined to do it. Don’t be uncomfortable because of it, because remember, you don’t owe anything to anyone.

So, when you’ve decided to put an end to it, here are some things which might help you get there:

1. Put your right palm over your belly button, and then your left palm over it. Visualize yourself under a glass jar, where no one can touch you. The interesting part here is that the minute you succeed in this, the person stealing your energy will find a way to leave you alone and move on to its next victim.

2. Don’t think that you have to play nice and continue the conversation, either stop talking or answer with short answers.

Smile and nod your head. The minute they see you doing this, they will stop all communication.

But the techniques will not be successful if you are not determined. If for any reason you feel like you have to speak to that person, the person will not walk away and your energy will be drained.

Also, don’t feel sad if you feel this coming from a close friends or a relative. If that is the case, you now know that the relationship has not been honest from both sides.

Now that you know how to prevent it, get started immediately. Draw the line now! This is your life and energy we’re talking about! Give your energy to people who deserve it and give something back.

Trust your heart on this one and you will not make a mistake. Surround yourself with good people because you deserve it!