The tingling feeling in your hand, whether it is something like numbness, or a feeling of pins and needles, is a very common term in the medicine.

It is known as paresthesia. It can occur on your hands and fingers, and it is considered to be normal if it doesn’t last for more than a few minutes.

Numbness in Hand

Depending on the cause, the loss of feeling in the hands can be short term, and this often occurs during the night, if we happen to fall asleep in a position which is bad for the blood flow in the hand and arm.

It can sometimes happen very suddenly, or develop slowly. If the tingling does not stop after a couple of hours, and if it happens to become a chronic thing, then you should immediately visit your doctor, because it may be an indication of something much more serious, a health condition which requires medical attention.

If the hand is not properly looked at by a medical person, then in these cases it may leed to total paralysis of the fingers or the entire hand.

The cause of the tingling feeling you get in your fingers may vary from one occasion to another. All the nerves transfer the signals from different parts of the body, and when the fingers are tingling it usually means that this process is disrupted.

Loss of blood flow, any form of pressure on the nerves may cause the numbness in practically any part of the body. So basically, this is all caused by poor circulation of the blood.

You need to get yourself tested right after the first symptoms to see whether it is a question of functional changes or changes within the organs of the body, and whether it is a question of a minor change or it can develop in something bigger and more serious.

1. Symptoms of the carpal tunnel – the carpal tunnel syndrome is caused as a consequence of a pressure applied on the major nerve which passes on the area of the carpal bone.

The carpal bone is comprised out of eight minor bones on the lower side of the wrist, and the tunnel is protected on the upper side with a carpal ligament.

The major nerve is going through this tunnel, and it is responsible for moving the fingers. This is a very sensisitve area and reacts to pressure or any disruptions.

When it comes to pregnant women, this symptom may occur too. While the woman, when pregnant, is known to swell a little at some parts of the body, there is nothing to be scared of.

About 60% of the women who are expecting have this feeling of pins and needles in their hands. They usually occur between the second and third trimester of the pregnancy, and stop some time after the infant is being born.

If it bothers you a lot, then you can control this condition by changing your dieting plan.

2. There are other causes that create the numbness you feel in your hands. It can be cause by diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraine, some autoimmune diseases, infections, being exposed to radiation or some heavy metals and chemicals, then excessive use of cigarettes, alcohol, medications, eating a particular kind of food which you do not consume every day, even the constant lifting of heavy objects can be the cause of this syndrome.

People who are in front of their computers may suffer it too, as well as being pregnant or suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

3. The numbness in the hand can be also due to entrapment of the ulnar nerve in the elbow. There is a small tunnel in the inner side of the elbow where the nerve which connects the upper and the lower arm passes through.

When this nerve is trapped, the consequences of it are restlessness, numbness, and lowering of the sensibility on the inside part of the hand.

4. Another symptoms may indicate a peripheral neuropathy. This is a chronic damage of the nerves, which comes as a consequence of an auto immune disease.

It causes numbness in the area of the hands, and if not put under control fast, it may spread to the bigger muscle groups, causing a greater damage.

5.You may also experience some issues in your hand if you are suffering from a cervical spondylosis, a disease of the cervical spine, attacking the vertebrae, discs, ligaments and joints.

This disease comes at a later age, and is significantly more common with men than with women. It can be a consequence of a diabetes, hormonal imbalance, cancer of the bones, bad posture and so on. It manifests itself with the numbness you get in your hand.

6. You may experience this uncomfortable feeling in your hand if you are suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome too. This syndrome attacks the blood cells and makes the hands and feet extremely cold, it is more common with women.

7. You can furthermore suffer from this issue if you are lacking some vitamins, for an example vitamin D and B12, or minerals, like magnesium and zinc.

A sudden numbness of the hand can indicate a stroke, or just a minor thing such as an improper circulation. Either way, you have to take care of yourself immediately upon this feeling in your hand.

The best way is to visit your doctor right after you start experiencing this. You will go under certain tests for your blood and nerves in order to discover the issue.

The best treatment for it is a massage, physical therapy, and medications, but it can often lead to a surgery too.

It all depends on the cause of it. For an example, maybe all you will need are more vitamins and minerals, or just a lowered sugar intake. This is why paying your doctor a visit in this case is the best option you have.