Dr. Robert Lanza, a theoretician and scientist, claims that death is just an illusion which exists only in our minds.

He states that this occurs through a theory called “biocentrism,” which involves a specific type of energy that exists only in the mind.

This energy is released when the body dies. According to the scientist, the energy is our consciousness, and, once our physical bodies die, it continues to live in infinite parallels.

When Our Bodies Die, We Continue to Live in a Parallel Universe

Dr. Lanza says that the number of universes is infinite and everything that can possibly happen takes place in some universe.

He claims that, in reality, death is an illusion and our consciousness transcends to an alternative universe. The scientist’s theory elaborates on Einstein’s well-known quote: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

As such, he explains that the energy of our consciousness continues to exist in a parallel universe once our physical bodies die.

According to biocentrism, everything we see and experience is a huge spiral of information, which occurs in our minds. Space and time are just tools that our consciousness uses to put everything together.

The illusion of death cannot exist in a spaceless and timeless world contained in one of the infinite parallel universes. The reality is just a consciously created projection.

And if there is an existence of infinite parallel universes, then our energy continues to exist after death, through the power of our consciousness.

The study of our consciousness is not a novelty. Rather, it dates back to the pre-Egyptian era, and up to date remains one of the greatest mysteries in science. There is no existence of anything without our consciousness. Everything we see is just a mere perception.

Our consciousness uses the concept of time and space to piece the information together, which is stored in our bodies that will inevitably self-destruct.

Once our physical bodies die, our consciousness is free to continue living in an alternate universe.