After a long and stressful day, there is nothing more relaxing than having a nice cup of tea.

Herbal Tea

If you want to soothe your nerves and to enjoy a restful night, you should try ‘Calm the Fuck Down’ tea, which, according to Firebox, is specifically designed to do exactly what it says on the label.

Calm the Fuck Down Tea

This refreshing herbal tea consists of chamomile, licorice, and lemon. The combination of these soothing ingredients acts as a natural anti-stress medication that cannot cause any adverse effects.

Each packet contains approximately 50 cups of tea, which will make you feel warm, relaxed, and at ease.

The ‘Calm the Fuck Down’ tea is very efficient in relieving stress, preventing anxiety attacks, and inducing a better night’s rest.

This delicious, caffeine-free tea promises to be effective in consoling even the busiest brains. Thanks to its powerful calming effects, the intake of this tea will help you to ease the effects of anxiety and to promote feelings of relaxation.