The herbs and the plants altogether are an important part of the life on this planet on almost every level. The plants can be our food, our medicine, and strangely, but also a catalyst for the expansion of the consciousness of the human beings.



Throughout the day we perceive the world in our own reality and we use an automatic behavior, but at night all of those boundaries are broken down. This is when our spirits literally fly.

If you are willing to open up to new experiences, here is a list of seven plants which will open you up to alternate experiences of reality and a new way of perceiving yourself.

1. Xhosa dream root – this root is most commonly connected to the Xhosa people from South Africa, who ingest this particular herb in order to induce prophetic and vivid dreams.

It is believed by the shamans that this herb is a pathway to communicating with the ancestors. The only way to communicate is in a state of dream.

The root is ground into a powder, then it is mixed with water and is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Because the effects are slow, they usually come in the night time, manifesting when one is sleeping.

Individuals do not seem to experience any effects during the day. The dream state among the Xhosa people is usually something like going under water.

And to make things more interesting, it is said that this plant does not have any effects on people who are not meant to be diviners.

2. Celastrus Paniculatus – this is a herb that does not only promote lucid dreaming but is also called the intellect tree because it has been long used as a herb which helps with mental focus, memory and longevity.

The users have reported that upon using this herb they have had better memory, focus, and cognitive functions.

3. Blue lotus – to ancient Egyptians, the blue lotus was considered a sacred plant. It was associated with divinity and origins of life.

When used, it stimulates the blood flow, the sex drive, and it was used as an intoxicant when first soaked in wine, and then consumed. It is known to make a person reach euphoric states of visionary consciousness.

4. Wild asparagus root – to some legend, this root will make your unconsciousness fly during sleep, as well as making journeys through other dimensions and places.

This root acts as a kidney and respiratory tonic, and helps the body adapt to stress easily.

5. African dream bean – it can be found along the coasts of Southern Africa, Madagascar, Australia and Asia, and is used for everything from soothing babies when they are in pain to being used as a skin treatment.

It contains consciousness altering properties as well, where one prson would be able to speak with the spirit realm.

6. Mexican tarragon – it is commonly used for flavoring meals, but if used in other ways, for an example smoked before going to bed, or drank as a tea, then it would promote lucid dreaming for sure.

7. Mugwort – this versatile dreaming herb is also known to treat digestive issues. It can too be smoked, burned or drank as tea. This herb is also known to promote lucid and meaningful dreams.

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