I will never forget my first experience with spirulina, when in a cup of smoothie I put a full tablespoon of this dark green powder.

First the smell (of swamp and aquatic animals), and then the flavor was so difficult (especially for someone like me who does not like seafood), let to me barely managing to swallow half smoothie and the rest ended up in the wash basin.

Even later I found out that you have to start with a smaller amount (approximately 1/3 teaspoon to 1 cup smoothie) and gradually increase the amount until you reach 2 teaspoons a day (depending on how much you can take). So, learn from my mistakes!

You may wonder why I continued to consume it in the future, despite of the first experience. The answer is simple: Spirulina is literally the healthiest known ingredient, and is used worldwide for its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Spirulina is a single-celled blue-green algae that live in freshwater environments, including ponds, lakes and rivers.

This microscopic life form is extremely easily digestible, allowing all its nutrients to be easily absorbed in our body. This results in an amazing amount of nutrition concentrated in each gram.

Spirulina contains over 65% complete protein (300% more than the fish, meat or poultry, and is free of cholesterol). “Complete protein” means that it contains all nine essential amino acids that are needed for our bodies to thrive.

These proteins are more concentrated and more digestable from any animal protein.

It is also rich in chlorophyll, iron (58 times more than the spinach), calcium, magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, all the B vitamins (including B12 which is almost never found in plants), beta-carotene and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9).

It contains twelve non-essential amino acids, nucleic acids and lipids, which play an important role in the good health.

We all know that fish is a good source of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9). But what most of us haven’t wondered is whether the fish themselves contain or produce these omega acids – the answer is “no.”

The biggest part of omega which the fish receive are by consuming algae such as spirulina. These omega acids play a major role in the prevention of heart diseases, reducing bad cholesterol, reduce the severity of osteoporosis, depression, diabetes and so on.

Spirulina is one of the best ingredients to detoxify the body with, including treatment of heavy metal poisoning, mercury, drugs and chemical contaminants.

A common effect with people who consume it regularly is a steep rise in energy and vitality. Great for anemia, bulimia, problems with digestion, enhancing the absorption of nutrients in the body and enhancing the immunity by the powerful antivirus function.

Some people consume it mixed in a glass of water without any additions (and if you’re one of them, you must certainly adore seafood!). I for one put it in juices, and thus definitely not feel it, not the smells nor the taste.

  • Smoothie with oranges, spinach, kiwi and spirulina
  • Smoothie with oranges, kiwi, Swiss chard, banana and spirulina
  • Smoothie with oranges, apples, pears, lettuce, basil and spirulina

A few weeks ago my husband made his first raw “energy bites” – cookies filled with super foods, including spirulina.
When choosing spirulina, select the one that is of organic origin and genetically unmodified, to make sure that what you consume is the real super-nutrient.