Wild lettuce is a plant which has been used in the treatment of various ailments for many years. Back in the 1880s, this plant was used as a substitute for opium, and it was commonly referred to as the ‘poor man’s opium’.

According to the Institute for the History of Science, the effects of the wild lettuce are weaker than those of opium. However, the usage of this plant is free from any side effects.

Nowadays, the wild lettuce is used as a mild sedative in France. The dried out plant fluid is named lactucarium, and its main active compounds are called lactucin, lactupicrin, and lactucopicrin.

A recent study has shown that these compounds have an ability to produce the same pain relief effect as ibuprofen. Even though the lettuce doesn’t contain any opium, it possesses the same pain relieving properties.

What Are the Health Benefits of Wild Lettuce?

Treats Asthma

Originally, the wild lettuce was used in the treatment of asthma. Even nowadays, many people report that the use of this herb is highly beneficial for reducing the frequency of the asthma attacks, as well as for alleviating the symptoms of this condition.

Reduces Anxiety

This herb has a mild sedative effect, which is very similar to opiates. Nevertheless, the plant doesn’t contain any actual opiates and it cannot alter the results of a drug test.

This makes the wild lettuce an excellent remedy for relieving anxiety.

Relieves Pain and Tension

The wild lettuce is also known as opium lettuce due to its ability to provide an opiate-like effect. This quality makes this herb highly effective in relieving pain and tension.

Cures Headaches and Migraines

A regular use of wild lettuce can help you to reduce the severity and frequency of headaches and migraines.

Treats Insomnia

The wild lettuce has been used to treat insomnia for many centuries. This herb produces a relaxed euphoric feeling, which will help you to rapidly fall asleep.

How to Use Wild Lettuce?

When the leaf or stem of a wild lettuce is cut or broken, it will release a thick milky fluid. This fluid can be made into an alcohol tincture.

A few ml of the tincture can help you to fight against headaches, migraines, asthma, and insomnia. Moreover, the stems and leaves of this plant can be used to prepare a tea.

In order to make a tea, you should add 1.5 grams of the wild lettuce fluid to a cup of boiling water. This plant can also be smoked.

In order to smoke it, you should add only about 0.25 grams to a pipe. When smoked, the plant is considered to be more potent.