Often when a patient suffers from excess pain, they are probably dealing with fibromyalgia. But, when they see a doctor and the doctor tries to explain what that is, a panic occurs.

People tend to believe that there is no cure for this particular condition, where there actually is one. The fibromyalgia is very common and definitely treatable condition, especially when the underlying cause is treated.

Naturally Treat Fibromyalgia

When you are curing a disease it requires treating the underlying conditions of it. Unfortunately, today’s medicine focuses on treating the symptoms, usually with toxic medications.

Make sure you are not deceived by the media who are telling you what to consume for this condition. Always consult with your doctor first.

The pain from this disease is neither autoimmune nor inflammatory. It is caused by the buildup of lactic acid in the tendons and the muscle tissue.

This is the same pain the athletes experience when they work out a lot. It is the sensation of burning in the muscles.

Unfortunately, there is not one cure for all people who are suffering from this issue, but there are some common factors.

The lactic acid can only be created when there is a persistent tension in the muscles over a long period of time. Even though there are certain factors to that too, the most common one is the build up anger.

We are all aware that the anger can be quite the powerful emotion. If people do not learn how to get rid of it, it will constantly pile up in the body, creating unimaginable issues.

The real question here is, where does the anger come from? According to our sources, the anger can come from several sources, and the first one is a broken relationship, for an example an abusive spouse, or taking care of someone else, a member of the family for example, where you have to put the life of someone else before your own until that person passes on.

The second reason is actually much more common than the first one. So, when there is excess adrenaline in the body, we call that fibromyalgia.

As lot of people are already aware, the adrenaline is a very powerful hormone. It is capable of creating an intense anger. Now, as we previously mentioned, the fibromyalgia is created from constant tension of the muscles.

The lactic acid is constantly building up in the body, but is unaware of draining itself out of the body. Furthermore, in addition to all of this, the persistent tension in the muscles is creating a fatigue, which most of the patients often complain about.

Other symptoms can be the restless leg syndrome, tension in the joints and the jaw, grinding of the teeth, and a severe headache.

But, if one accepts that the excess adrenaline is the main factor for this disease, then one can easily try to lower the adrenaline production in order to cure this condition.

If you simply try to eliminate the stress and focus only on yourself, then the fibromyalgia can be treated. It might not be easy to get rid of a family member or a dominating spouse, but if you do that, remember that your health will be restored for good.

If you want to lower the adrenaline levels, then first, make sure you know why the body produces this hormone in the first place.

Until a while ago, the body produces this hormone strictly in the case of a danger. This activity lasted for only a few minutes, and when the adrenaline levels decreased, the body would get back to normal.

Nowadays however, the body releases adrenaline night and day, without ever being in danger. Why is that so?

We will have to give you some background info in order to support this. The brain, as you know, is the organ which requires plenty of sugar.

When the brain takes the sugar, it falls asleep. This is why people get sleepy right after their lunch in the afternoon, because the levels on insulin in their body peaks in that time of the day.

So, when the body lacks sugar, it raises the adrenaline levels in order to raise the awareness of the body. In this process, the protein in the body is converted into sugar and is sent to the brain.

So, what you have probably understood by now is that in order to release the adrenaline, the brain requires a certain kind of fuel.

Generally speaking, it takes about 24 hours to lower the adrenaline levels, and by that time the muscles will be relaxed and the circulation of the body will be improved.

The best sugar the brain can get is found in the green vegetables. One of the best fuels are the coconut and the palm oil too.

When you incorporate these foods in your diet, you will notice an immediate change. So, bottom line is, if you keep to a particular dieting plan, your fibromyalgia can be treated in only a couple of weeks.