The internet is filled with millions of videos on life hacks which will make your life a tad easier. These hacks will help you put the mess in the home in order.

This may not be well understood by everybody, but it is worth reading – here is a list of some things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life!

1. Crossing out words – when you make a mistake, instead of lining the word out back and forth, just write another word on top of it.

2. Organize your spray bottles – you probably have several spray bottles with cleaning products, so when they take up a lot of space, hang a clothing rug and place them all in there.

3. Keep your cords from being tangled – instead of battling the tangled cords, wrap them up with a plastic tie.

4. Making a bologna sandwich – cut the slices of bologna in pieces so that it covers the entire bread, instead of biting into the bread on the edges.

5. Heating more than one dish in the microwave – use the space at the top of the microwave and place a cup at the bottom and a plate on top of it. This way you will heat two things at the same time.

You have probably consumed a cupcake wrong, listened to music wrong, drank a soda from a can. Serving drinks outdoors, peeing while standing up – this makes emptying the bladder completely.

Cleaning your microwave, sorting laundry, cleaning your ceiling fan, making iced coffee, getting your drink cold quickly, opening a can of Pringles, opening a coconut – these are all things you may be doing wrong.

If you are interested to find out all of them feel free to search them online, you will be amazed of how easier your life will get.

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