Anxiety is a disorder that causes nervousness, worry, fear, and panic. This disorder is a serious mental illness which can prevent you from leading a normal life.

Nowadays, this condition affects numerous people around the world. A 2013 survey found out that 57% of the female university students in the United States had episodes of overwhelming anxiety.

And, the charity YouthNet discovered that a third of the young women in the United Kingdom, as well as one in ten young men, is suffering from panic attacks.

Nevertheless, the feelings of panic, anxiety, and depression can be managed with a proper treatment.

There are different ways in which one can fight against anxiety. The classic method of treating this condition includes a usage of pharmaceutical drugs.

Relieve Anxiety

Cognitive therapy is also a common approach. Many people try to manage anxiety by turning to yoga, massage, meditation, and other techniques of relaxation.

The music therapies have also shown a success in promoting a relaxation and restoring a person’s health.

Recently, a UK neuroscientists have discovered the most effective method of treating this disorder. They found a song which can reduce anxiety by 65 percent.

“Weightless” – The World’s Most Relaxing Song

A team of researchers, led by Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, UK, tested the anxiety levels of the participants who were solving a series of puzzles as quickly as possible.

The puzzles triggered a certain degree of stress. While completing the puzzles, the participants listened to different songs.

During the study, the researchers measured the brain activity and the physiological state, including the rate of breathing, the heart rate, and the blood pressure, of each individual.

The song “Weightless” by the British band Marconi Union produced a greater relaxing effect than any other music tested to date.

This song was specifically designed to induce a relaxed state. According to the findings of the study, it showed a reduction in the participants’ anxiety by 65%, as well as a reduction in their normal physiological rates by 35%.

Marconi Union teamed up with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to arrange beautiful harmonies, calming rhythms, and relaxing bass lines, which were found to be effective in slowing the listener’s heart rate, reducing their blood pressure, and lowering the stress hormones.

In fact, the music was found to be so powerful in promoting relaxation that many of the tested female participants became drowsy.

For this reason, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson suggests that you shouldn’t listen to this song while driving.

Chronic anxiety can severely impact both your physical and mental health, leading to complications like depression, obesity, and heart disease.

Music is the greatest medicine for fighting against the tensions of the modern life. So, the next time you feel anxious, stressed, or depressed, you should play this wonderful piece and enjoy its soothing sounds.