Joint pain can be excruciating. You need to move your joints all the time, and when you have joint pain, it feels like there are shards of glass, inside your joints. Some say that it feels like a white-hot metal rod has been inserted into the joint. And some others, including myself, have experienced the kind of pain which makes you feel powerless, and as though you’re suffering from a dislocated joint.


As you age, your body starts to develop many problems. Among them is joint pain. It limits your ability to perform basic activities. Running and jumping become an impossible feat. Jogging becomes intensely painful, and not worth the exercise. Climbing stairs becomes a nightmare. In severe cases, it might even limit your ability to walk.

However, luckily for you, joint pain is not incurable.

Here we will show you seven exercises, which, if you do them daily, will reduce (and possibly even overcome) joint pain, within a few days!


This is a set of simple exercises, and should be done every morning, as warm-up. It will take less than five minutes, and will leave you feeling more flexible, and ready for the next set of exercises. You stand with your hands on your hips, and start the rotations from your ankle. Rotate each ankle clockwise and anti-clockwise, with 10 rotations for each direction.

Next, you move on to your knees. Place your hands on your thighs and bend your knees a little, so your upper body’s weight is resting on your hands. Now, rotate both your knees together. 10 rounds clockwise, another 10 anti-clockwise.

Then you proceed to your waist. Stand up straight, with your hands on your hips. Now, rotate your waist. Try to make the rotations as wide as possible, without upsetting your balance.

Then you go on to your neck, shoulders and wrists, doing 10 clockwise and 10 anti-clockwise rotations for each joint. Finally, open and close your fingers, applying pressure.


Stand straight with your arms by your side, and your palms flat against your body. Now lift your hands up and above your head, and then bend backwards for as far as you can, without pain or discomfort. Return to your normal position, but still keeping your hands raised, bend forward. Don’t over-strain yourself or you could cause injury, but your ultimate goal is to be able to touch the ground with the tips of your fingers.

3.Exercise for your knee joint

Stand with your feet two to three feet apart, and with your left foot bent outward, at a 45 degree angle. Now, bend your left knee, and place your hands on your left thigh, right above the knee. Your upper body should be straight, and it’s weight should be on your left thigh. Hold this position for fifteen seconds, and then relax. Now repeat the exercise with your right leg.


4.Exercise for your ankle joint

If not subjected to frequent exercise, your ankle’s joint might become inflexible, because of which you’ll not be able to bend your ankle upwards. This might affect your ability to climb stairs, run, or even walk. To exercise this joint, all you have to do is sit with your feet stretched out, and then move them forwards and backwards (or upwards and downwards). You might need to apply some pressure, as a stiff joint will not improve unless you do, but remember to not apply too much pressure, or else you might cause injury.

5.Back exercise

Another great exercise for back pain is this: Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, and about two feet apart. Now, clasp your hands, and stretch towards your left foot, without bending your knee. Your goal is to lodge your hands behind your foot, and to do it without bending your knees. It’s not as easy as it sounds! Hold the posture for ten seconds, and then repeat with your right leg. Hold for ten seconds. Now, put both your legs together, and stretch again. This will be a little bit more difficult, so don’t worry if you can’t reach as far. Hold this position for fifteen seconds, and then relax.

Apart from these exercises, having good posture, eating healthy food, massaging the joint with oil, taking hot baths, and using a heat pack also help alleviate pain.