Foot pain is a common problem which can be caused by different factors, including injury, overuse, or certain conditions, such as arthritis, athlete’s foot, bunions, or ingrown toenails.

Relieve Foot Pain

There are a number of methods that can help you to ease this pain. However, the most effective way in which you can alleviate your foot pain, reduce the discomfort, and prevent the pain from spreading to other parts of your body is to do some stretches.

Stretching your feet and toes can improve your flexibility, stimulate your blood circulation, and reduce your risk of injury. Here are 5 stretches that will help you to relieve the pain in your feet in just a few minutes.

Ankle Stretch

Loop a stretchy exercise band around a table leg or a chair. Then, hook one of your feet through it, so that the ball of your foot is resting on the band.

In order to feel the stretch, press your toes toward the floor. You should repeat this move 15 times.

Toes and Fingers

Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Point your toes upwards and lean forward. Then, gently pull your toes back with your fingers.

In case you cannot perform this move with both feet, try doing it with one foot at a time.

The Toe Raise

Stand up and lift your toes upward. Make sure that your pinky toe rises at the same height as your big toe. Repeat this stretch 5 times with each foot.

Toe Lifts

While you are in the toe raise position, try to lower just the big toe. If you are unable to do so, press only the pinky toe down, while keeping the other toes raised. Do this 5 times with both of your feet.

Tennis Ball Rub

Place a tennis ball on the floor and roll it under one of your feet. Gently apply some pressure and repeat with the other foot.

When you are done, tilt your foot so that the toes are pointing toward your knee. Afterward, stretch your toes so that they point downwards.