Today we are going to share with you a woman who urges you to try out a new technique on how to lose some weight.

You’ve probably already heard that there is a method of wrapping certain parts of your body with some plastic wrap, so that you could lose weight.

Slept with Some Bandages

But, do you have any idea what will happen to you if you go to bed every night with your stomach wrapped?

A mother tested this method and is incredibly satisfied with the results. After giving birth to three children, you could only imagine how unattractive her stomach looked.

This woman, whose name is Colleen, was persuaded by a friend to purchase plastic wrap, bandages and seaweed lotion to achieve what she wanted – a flat and tight stomach.

What she did is apply a thin layer of the lotion, wrap herself up and seal the plastic wrap with some bandages. Then, she just went down to sleep.

The following morning, she took off the bandages and measured her waist, and was left in shock! She had lost 2.5 inches of her waist in only one night!

This is why she strongly recommends everyone, especially the non-believers to try out this method and feel the results on their own skin.

The secret of this treatment is the loss of all the accumulated water. Of course, you have probably guessed that the summer period is the best time for you to try this wrap.

Just, bear in mind that the success is only short term, because the water is constantly accumulated in the body.

To do this body wrap yourself, you only need three ingredients – some form of an ocean lotion, a plastic wrap and some bandages. First of all, you need to apply the lotion of the area which is your target place.

Whether it is your stomach, thighs, arms, it is going to work. Then, wrap that same area with multiple layers of the plastic wrap, just try to keep it a little loose, not tight.

After all, you do have to sleep with it all night. Finally, seal the area with a bandage, just to keep your wrap in place.

Secure it well and you are ready to go to bed. The purpose of this wrap is to help you release all the excess water that your body’s retained throughout the day.

This wrap will help you sweat it all out. Coleen says that upon trying it, she just might be ready for making a summer body for herself.