Thank God that we are living in a world where the modern medicine can help us with plenty of health conditions.

Unfortunately, there is one condition that is still on the waiting list for a cure that matches it – and it is the cancer.

The conventional treatments for cancer do more damage than good to the body, and in some cases it even results in death.

Cure for Cancer 

Cure for Cancer

But, this is why we are here. We have discovered an ancient remedy that could cure cancer, and it has been long lost in time. The question is, was it truly lost or just hidden from the eyes of the public?

We are talking about the Vitamin B17 and the apricot kernels. Let’s just say this vitamin has been parading as one, but it is not a vitamin at all.

It is commonly called as purasin, laetrile and some other names, and is comprised out of two components – hydrogen cyanide and glucose.

The concent of cyanide should not make you worry, because there are only traces of it found, and according to the researchers, if you happen to consume approximately 65 apricot kernels at once, then you will experience the harmful results.

In the meantime, some people believe that it can destroy all the cancer cells. They believe that the process of working is the glucose enters the cancer cell, and the cyanide and benzaldahyde, working together, destroy the cell.

Unfortunately, most of the people cannot stand the presence of cyanide in their bodies, except when a person has cancer. It is believed nowadays that the cyanide, if used correctly, can fight off the cancer in the body.

Now, even though the scientists have tested the outcome, the public never saw the results for themselves. Even though soe alternative cancer doctors managed to use the laetrile in order to treat their patients,the FDA banned this form of treatment and afterwards there were lawsuits coming in from all sides.

Most of the people believe that this treatment has been shut down because it would cut down the profits of the pharmacies.

No one would want that to happen. Some doctors who treated their patients illegaly had results that never got to see the light of day because the charts were all erased by the conventional cancer treating methods.

One research was published in a book by a cancer clinical center. One reporter, who was particularly good as his job, when in attempt to publish the properties of the laetrile was fired.

The pharmacy is one great business. Most of the corporations are in it for the money, not to find a cure. The important information are being hidden from the public, and this is why people die, just for someone else’s profit.

Another book that has been published on this subject is called World Without Cancer – the story of Vitamin B17, and it is a quality read.

But what can we do about all of this? We are not suggesting that you immediately try to use the laetrile, but that you are simply aware of your choices.

At the end of the day, you are the one that decides what is best for you. The apricot kernels are available even on Amazon.

Read the reviews and see for yourself how much it helped people. For optimal results, people even combine the kernels with a low sugar dieting plan.

If you are suffering from cancer, you may need some further scientific research on this subject, but it is our place to tell you that you are on the right track.

The laetrile does not cause any side effects, as long as you consume only few kernels within a day.

Could this be the cure for cancer? Even though the laetrile is illegal to use, especially in the fight against cancer, it is legal to consume kernels. With a little more research you may just create a cure for yourself.