Researchers from the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo have invented a toothpaste which painlessly fills dental cavities without any drilling, while they are still at a microscopic stage.

Cavity Filling Toothpaste

Dr. Kazue Yamagishi, the inventor of the toothpaste, says that this product is a great breakthrough because it will significantly reduce the amount of tooth decay among the people. This new toothpaste will revolutionize the personal care, leaving the dentists out of work.

The Toothpaste Fixes the Cracked Teeth and Restores the Tooth Enamel

The appearance of cracks and holes in the teeth is the main reason why the people need a dental work. Previously, there has never been a way in which you can reverse the damage of your teeth by yourself.

And now, this groundbreaking toothpaste will allow you to treat tooth decay in the comfort of your home.

The toothpaste contains a substance which is nearly identical to the natural tooth enamel, which makes it effective in feeling all the cracks and holes in the teeth.

This toothpaste has a similar form to a regular paste, so it will be easily adopted by the people in their home.

The researchers created a modified form of the chemical hydroxyapatite, also known as crystalline calcium phosphate, which is the main component of the structure of the teeth.

The new formula bonds with the tooth enamel both cosmetically and chemically, and it offers a painless filling.

This toothpaste works by making a dilution of the acid on the tooth surfaces. Only after three minutes, it starts to crystallize and to fasten to the structure of the natural enamel.

With the invention of this product, you will no longer have to visit your dentist.