This is Zlatko Arsovski from Macedoniaand the world is a beautiful place for me, which needs to be preserved and nurtured every day. And this includes the beautiful humans on this planet. My Health & Nutrition qualification may be a jumpstart foundation for launching this website Selectsmarthealth.com, but it is my passion for making this world a better place that drives me.

The world we know continues to be marred by health disorders and diseases and the diagnoses rates and death rates continue to grow to our surprise. This is despite the fact that our medical knowledge and advances have grown exponentially. The solutions to these health problems lie in nature and the scientific community is beginning to realize it. Selectsmarthealth.com attempts to bridge this gap by bringing valuable and effective natural health solutions to everyone.

Modern diet is at the root cause of most of the health problems and my knowledge as a qualified health and nutrition person, and the tens of thousands of studies over the past few decades show how important it is to return to nature. We have to take advantage of many of the traditional medicinal solutions while changing our diet and dietary habits. Join me in a journey on Selectsmarthealth.com where we will discover all the discoveries in the food world that take us to a better world of lesser diseases and health problems.

About Select Smart Health

Selectsmarthealth.com is a place where you will find unbiased information about all types of foods, organic foods, and health. You will find valuable information on all aspects of organic and GMO-free, chemical-free diets. All the information provided on this website is sourced from credible sources. The information is based on research and studies conducted by scientists in the leading universities or labs around the world.


At Select Smart Health, our mission is to bring information to our readers about natural and organic living to help take you on a journey of improved health and living. Natural living is meant to restore the body’s healing systems and improve quality of life.

Exposure to chemicals and GMOs can have adverse effects on the human body. There are thousands of scientific studies that have proven these effects and it has become an accepted knowledge in the medical world that the human body is not meant to come in contact with such produce. Part of our goal is to contribute through our efforts to create a world free from all these chemicals and genetically-modified elements in our foods.

Our Team

Our team comprises of health enthusiasts who are driven by the same passion to make a healthier and safer world. Many have journalistic backgrounds and know the inside story about what the food products manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies advertise to the world. Our writers and contributors are focused on providing valuable health and nutrition information to our audience.

The world needs to be a better place than this. And Select Smart Health is dedicated to provide credible information on health and nutrition to make our readers’ lives better!