We all know that the old saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ has some truth in it. Things get even more interesting if the laughter results from a joke on how the government operates. If you agree, you should read the following joke:

After several hours of fishing, a husband returned home and decided to take a nap. His wife took the boat out, even though she wasn’t familiar with the lake. When she went a short distance, she anchored the boat and begin to read a book.

Then, a game warden came near the boat, greeted the woman, and asked her what she was doing. She answered that she was reading a book, but the man informed her that she was in a restricted fishing area.

The woman apologized and explained that she was reading and not fishing. The game warden said that he has to take her in and write her up because she has all the equipment and she could start at any moment.

The woman said that if he does that, she would charge him with a sexual assault. The man replied that charging him would be absurd because he hadn’t even touched her.

Then, she said that he could start at any moment because he has all the equipment. The woman’s reply made the game warden leave immediately, wishing her a good day.

The Moral of the Joke

The moral of this joke is that one should never interfere with a woman who reads because there is a great chance that she thinks as well.

This joke is interesting because it shows how a little thinking can outsmart a bully, which also applies to the government bullies.

The government takes every possible opportunity to bully the people into accepting its liberal agenda. However, most of the time, the government can be outsmarted as well.