One girl from an English town, Redich, succeeded in completely changing her life. Her name is Emma Sealey, and what she did is she changed her appearance just because she decided to improve her lifestyle and all of her habits in order to restore her health.

Emma was getting so overweight that she could not tie up the seat belt in her car anymore. What is the most important thing here, and needs to be pointed out is that she did not undergo any surgical procedures.

She lost 125 kilograms, or 270 lbs only by changing her dieting plan and adding regular exercise to her everyday routine.

When Emma was 35 years old, she weighted 181 kilograms, or 399 lbs. Because of her excessive weight, she was certain that she would not live to see her 40th birthday.

She could not even walk to the car of her fiancee. Even if she could make it to there, she could barely get in or even put the seat belt on.

She claims that she was feeling disgusted with herself every time she got on the weight scale. All of her closest friends and family suggested that she put a ring on her stomach, but she refused to do so, claiming that she would try to lose weight in a natural way.

Within only two years time she replaced her old clothes, which were a size 36, with new clothes, which were size 8! do you know how much she weighs now? Only 57 kilograms, or 123 lbs!

She first started gaining weight when she found a comfort in the food as a child, after she had to deal with the death of a very close friend.

After that, when she realized that her condition was getting serious, she went to a doctor in order to make a consult about her situation.

She was hoping she would be sent to a department or a facility where where she could reduce her weight. But after many years, when she stepped on a weight scale and saw the horror with her own two eyes, she realized that something had to be done. Emma realized that if she wanted to live past 40, ilfestyle changes were to be done.

Had some help from the local body weight advisers from Cambridge, and what she did first was cut off all the unhealthy habits that were a part of her meals every day.

Before the regime started, Emma skipped breakfast, ate onion rings and sausages and cheese and chips for lunch, chicken with curry, rice and bread for dinner, and her favorite snack was chocolate.

But, due to her lifestyle changes, now she has breakfast – cereal with milk. For lunch she loves having tuna sandwich with black bread, and for dinner she usually boils fish and combines it with fresh vegetables and finally, instead of chocolate, she now snacks oranges, apples, strawberries, and other kinds of fruit.

Besides her proper nutrient intake, Emma started training every day with a personal trainer, and took the chance of cycling or running whenever the weather outside is nice.

She gradually started losing about six kilograms every month. You can imagine why the results after those two years were unbelievable.

Nowadays, Emma is a confident and happy person, and most definitely proud of herself and the transformation she did for herself.

At the very end, she succeeded in eliminating all the bad habits in her life in order to lead a healthy one, and we should all do the same.