A study, written by Dr. Ian Pearson, a scientist and futurologist, proposes that the people will be having sexual relations with humanoid robots by 2025.

According to Dr. Pearson, we are entering a new sexual revolution, which may overtake the intercourse between humans. The sex between humans and robots will become a common practice in the next 10 years.

The Use of  Sex Robots Will Completely Overtake the Intimate Human Relationships by 2050

In a report, published in partnership with Bondara, Dr. Pearson claims that by 2035 many people will possess robots that interact with virtual reality.

These robots will be available for use as early as 2025, and the practice will completely overtake the sexual relations between humans by 2050.

According to Dr. Pearson, a sexual intercourse with robots will become a commonplace in the near future. Even though initially many people will face difficulties in adjusting to this new activity, eventually they will get used to it. The people will change their opinion as soon as the look and mechanical behavior of the robots improve.

Dr. Helen Driscoll, a senior lecturer at the University of Sunderland, supports Dr. Pearson’s proposal, claiming that the virtual reality is able to imitate and improve the sexual experience with a human partner.

She also states that many will choose this new form of intimacy in preference to relations with a less than perfect person.

The use of these new robots will enable the humans to gain a perfect sexual experience based on their personal preferences. However, it is not very likely that they could ever measure up to the feelings of being intimate with your loved one.