Nowadays, the children are raised very differently than they used to be twenty or thirty years ago. Instead of spending time on their computers, iPhones, and iPods, the kids were playing outside.

Raise Your Children Properly

This era of technology prevents the children from playing outdoors, exercising, socializing, and experiencing a sense of belonging to a community. Perhaps, the key ingredient for successful parenting is to return to basics.

A number of psychologists at the Harvard University have studied how to raise a kid in these changing times, and they listed several basic elements for bringing up a well-adjusted child. Here are 4 simple tips for raising good children.

Speak with Your Children

The Harvard researchers state that you need to tell your children that they are a top priority in your life. In order to raise them properly, giving them things, feeding them, and keeping them safe is not enough.

You need to encourage your children to share their stories with you about their friends, school, and homework. Make them feel comfortable to come and talk to you about what is happening in their life.

Also, you should speak to their teachers, tutors, coaches, and other caretakers to find out if there is a shift in their behavior.

Spend Time with Your Children

Spending some quality time with your children is necessary in order to develop a strong bond with them, to hear their thoughts and feelings, to observe their strengths and weaknesses, and to make them feel loved and important.

Devote as much time to your children as possible. Interact with them person-to-person, go hiking, play an old-fashioned card game, or read a book together.

By doing these small things, you will provide them with permanent, priceless memories.

Show Your Children Gratitude on a Regular Basis

According to the Harvard researchers, the children who are engaged in the habit of expressing gratitude are not only more compassionate, generous, helpful, and forgiving but also more likely to be healthy and happy.

The children need to see that gratitude is an incredible gift. Whenever you give your kids tasks or chores, you need to express how grateful you are for their performances.

You should always acknowledge and honor your children for their accomplishments. So, be thankful for the small things they perform, which are not connected to school or work.

Take them to a homeless shelter and expose them to the less fortunate ones. By doing so, you will teach them to be compassionate and emphatic, to help others, and to value and appreciate the things they have in their life.

Teach Your Children How to Analyze and Solve Problems

One of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to your child is the ability to solve problems. You cannot fix their problems all the time.

Allow them to share their issues with you and help them to make the best choice. Also, you shouldn’t pressure your children to focus only on success because this will stress them out and make them unhappy.

Even though it is extremely difficult to let your kids make mistakes, their failures will make them productive adults.