All of us at some point tried to treat some medical conditions, such as back aches, headaches and other body pains with medications based on the Ibuprofen (Nurofen, Motrin, Nuprin and Advil).

The ibuprofen is known for its ability to deal with any kind of pain, but cannot solve the pain problem on a long term basis.

Ingredient Acts as a Pain Killer

Pain Killer

Plus, if you consume too many pills containing this compound, you will experience certain side efects such as erectile dysfunction, diarrhea, nausea, hypertension, increased risk of a heart attack, gastrointestinal bleeding, potential formation of kidney cancer and so on.

Thankfully, Mother Nature was good enough to create a natural remedy for us all – and it is the turmeric. While the ibuprofen inhibits the COX-2 enzyme, causing more inflammation, the turmeric acts mildly and brings results without any unwanted effects.

The most important part of the turmeric is that it is packed with a powerful compound known as curcumin, that acts like a true miracle worker when it comes to your health.

The turmeric tea is considered to be one of the most effective, ancient and healthiest natural remedies when it comes to getting rid of inflammation and pain. But, keep in mind that the turmeric is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Do you know what the turmeric does? It heals all the joints and muscles which are in pain and relaxes the entire body.

Because of this, today we are going to share a recipe with you – how to prepare turmeric tea in the comfort of your own home. To boost the effects, you can add some other powerful ingredient, such as the ginger.

For the ingredients, you are going to need 4 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of grated fresh turmeric root, and some fresh lemon or raw organic honey just for the taste of it.

Boil the water on a stowe and just as it starts bubbling, throw in all the turmeric. If you have decided on using the fresh variety of the turmeric, boil for 15-20 minutes. Strain the tea, add some lemon or honey to it and enjoy it!