Because of the excess use of synthetic antibiotics nowadays, the micro organisms in our bodies have started resisting them.

The side effects that may be caused by the prescriptions we take on a regular basis can be very serious, and sometimes even fatal.

Natural Antibiotic 

On the other hand, nature never ceases to surprise. Researches show that there are plenty of products that come from the nature and show antibiotic properties. The best part about them is that they do not come with any side effects whatsoever.

One of these products of nature is the propolis. It is the perfect ingredient which nurtures and feeds the entire body.

Traditionally, the propolis has been used for the last 2000 years. Evidence show that in the past the propolis was highly appreciated by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and plenty of other civilizations.

But how does the propolis work? Well, it works thanks to an active compound called the flavonoids. It is a pigment found in fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees.

It has antioxidant properties, and its main purpose is to protect the plants from the patogens found in the environment.

There are several types of flavonoids found in the propolis – kvercetin, galangin, kempferol, krizin, apigenin, pinocembrin and pinobanskin.

The propolis is one medicine from the nature which kills off everything that bothers the body in order to function properly. In the meantime, it preserves the tissue and makes it heal in a faster manner.

Numerous researches have shown that the propolis is a natural antiseptic too, as well as antioxidant and antibiotic, and works perfectly against all of the viruses, including the flu.

It is excellent in the fight against parasites and fungus. The special properties of the propolis are that the bacteria found on it does not create any form of resistancy, causing no side effects, which is the main downside to all the synthetic antibiotics.

It can be used for burns and stings, sore throat or issues in the oral cavity, troubles with the ears, toothache, stinky breath, hemorrhoids, gastritis and urinary tract infections.

How to prepare a remedy?

Well, it is prepared with ethyl alcohol, preferably 76% alcohol. In a glass container, pour the propolis and then the alcohol, in coordination 1:2.

Close the jar and keep it like that from 5 to 7 days with stirring it three times within a day. Then just strain the liquid.

You can take from 20-90 drops of it within a day, all depends on the gravity of your issue. Consume it between meals, in a warm water or tea.

This will help if your stomach is feeling a bit sick, will help with sore eyes, a small bleeding, fungus infection, burns, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, if you have an issue inhaling and exhaling, acne, dermatitis and so on.

For paradethosis, massage your gums three times in a day, but first, make sure you thoroughly wash your teeth. You can even massage and clean your hair with this mixture.

Because of the bio active compounds which are necessary for the body, we can say with no doubts that the propolis is the cure for all causes. have you mind up your mind yet? are you willing go try it? Make sure you do that, and start today.