The best gift the bees can give us is the honey. The honey is known to have numerous uses, making us enjoy it even more. Throughout the history, it has played a significant role both as an important medicine and as a desired food.

The Manuka trees are known to grow in New Zealand, specifically in the Eastern Cape region. The honey from the Manuka comes from the nectar collected by the bees who feed off of these trees.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

This kind of honey has been further known as a super food, because it has a set of antibacterial, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, and antioxidant health properties.

The Manuka honey can offer you plenty of health benefits. It has been primarily used in New Zealand as a native medicine.

They considered it to have numerous medical benefits, including treating the flu, colds, fever, skin diseases, ulcers, diarrhea, gastritis, heartburn, diseases of the throat and eyes and even some types of cancer.

The Manuka honey is usually more expensive than the other types of honey, but is considered to be more effective too.

Not only it has healing properties that cannot be found in the other honey types, it is also proven to have better effects on the body than some conventional drugs.

The doctors claim that this kind of honey creates a waterless environment due to its high sugar content, making the bacteria which have been created around a wound to stop existing. Moreover, it contains an acidic enzyme called glucose oxidase, making its healthy properties even better.

The Manuka honey is also considered to be an anti inflammatory agent, stimulating the growth of new blood capillaries, and providing the body with nutrients to enhance the new skin cells regeneration.

Furthermore, according to some studies, this honey is abundant in novel proteins which enhance the immune activity and the release of the anti inflammatory cytokines when it is applied directly on wounds.

When described in history, it was known as the tree whose leaves were used to make a tea with a pleasant aroma and a bitter taste. This flavor seemed to disappear when the leaves went dry.

Another thing you must know is that if you want medical manuka, you have to search for the UMF label on the package. This is a mark saying that the product contains unique manuka factor.

This is why, before purchasing this product, check the label and make sure it is a unique product.