Keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh is usually a difficult challenge. If you cannot eat the foods right after buying them, they will rapidly rot in your fridge, and you will end up tossing out the spoiled items.

Fortunately, there is an easy way of storing your produce, which will enable you to maintain it fresh for a long period of time.

How to Prevent the Fruits and Vegetables from Rotting

Recently, a young man from Bristol, England, has demonstrated a simple trick that will help you to prevent your fruits and vegetables from rotting, along with some useful hacks that will ease your life.

In order to keep the fruits and vegetables in a good state, you should put three sponges in a drawer of your fridge.

Place the sponges at the bottom of the drawer. Then, fill the drawer with your fresh produce. The sponges will absorb all the excess moisture, and, therefore, they will prolong the shelf life of your groceries.

When you notice that the sponges are too moist, you should replace them with other ones.

The following video will show you some easy tricks that will simplify your everyday routines.