To find true love is not an easy quest. It is harder to be with someone when you don’t know whether your relationship is the real deal or not.

Has this ever occurred to you? Have you ever wondered whether your partner is the real deal for you? If you have constantly been asking yourself this question, we believe that it is time you should know the answer.

In addition, take a good look at the differences between a person who truly loves you and one who is only wasting your time!

1. If your partner really loves you, he or she will respect you as well as your opinions. But, if they are constantly telling you that your decisions are wrong or will simply agree with what you say without ever paying attention, they are not being respectful towards you. This is not what you need.

2. If your partner is really the one, you will always feel encouraged to try new things and have new experiences.

In addition to that, he or she will try to introduce you to a couple of new things too, and will never ever force you into something that you do not feel comfortable with.

3. Sincere people who love their partners always tell the truth. They will always be honest with you, whether it is about a piece of clothing and if it looks good on you or it is about some major life decision.

On the other hand, if your partner is cruel to you, your looks or your opinions, that means he or she does not respect you at all.

4. Partners who are too clingy and try to check up on you constantly, might be in this relationship for themselves more than they are for you.

A partner who is trustworthy and loves you for real will show it in every way, but will never be clingy.

If your partner is acting a bit strange and clingy towards you, it means he or she has some emotional problems and needs constant validation so that he or she can feel good all the time.

5. It is a natural process to protect something you care about. A small thing like holding hands or a slight touch on the shoulder while you’re out means more than you think.

But, if your partner prevents you from going somewhere or does not let you near other people, it means that you have a possessive partner and you should get rid of him or her as soon as possible.

6. Finally, when a person is interested in you, he or she will talk to you only when it’s convenient to them. This is normal in a new and fresh relationship.

But, if you have been going out for a while and this is still happening, your partner is probably not in love with you. If your partner is sincerely in love with you, he or she will always find the time to talk to you, no matter what.