Nausea, weakened appetite and pain are simply one of the symptoms which when combined together indicate a stomach ulcer.

This means that you have an issue with your gut. It is still unknown how it is created. Possible cause is the excess stomach acid, a bacteria or an infection, and different pain medications.

What to Do if you Have Gut Issues

The active stomach ulcer is manifested as a sharp pain in the upper part of the stomach, and is sometimes combined with traces of blood in the urine or constant vomiting.

Because the ulcer can easily become a chronic disease or lead to serious complications, it is of utmost importance to start treating it now.

Try to avoid the chemical-based medications and turn to the natural alternatives. This is why in addition we give you seven of the best remedies which can treat this condition.

1. Honey – an enzyme found in the honey kills off the bacteria which can damage the stomach and contribute to stomach ulcer.

Two teaspoons of honey a day is enough to improve your health condition. When the ulcer is gone, continue consuming a spoon a day.

2. Bananas – the bananas preserve the protective layer in the stomach, and while treating ulcers, the best way to go is the banana powder.

To do it, take several bananas and slice them up nicely. Put them somewhere where they can thoroughly dry up. Then just grind them into thin powder.

Mix up two tablespoons of it with a tablespoon of honey and consume this mixture three times within a day.

3. Cabbage juice – best way to take control over the good and bad bacteria in the body is to consume fermented products.

Fermented vegetables and yogurt will do just the trick for you. When we say fermented vegetable, we mostly mean pickled cabbage and its juice.

It is a great source of vitamin C, which people who suffer from stomach ulcer usually lack it. This is an effective and inexpensive remedy.

4. Garlic – the garlic kills off the bad bacteria which ultimately lead to stomach ulcer.

5. Pickled chili peppers – despite popular opinions, the chili peppers do not cause the stomach ulcer – they treat it! They are a fermented veggie, and they can lower the level of acidity in the stomach thus protecting it from all the side effects from any strong medications.

6. Liquorice – its sweet taste can be very useful for your stomach. Seek the liquorice pills in your nearest drug store, and consume three of them each day, between meals.

7. Vitamin E – 300 mg of Vitamin E on a daily basis has cured the ulcer with 28 patients, studies show. The stomach ulcer disappeared within 6 days. So, make sure you try it too.