A national survey which was conducted in the past thirty days showed that one in three Americans showed to suffer from joint pain.

When your joints are aching, you don’t seem to be yourself. Luckily for us, the lemons are here to help us in this situation. When getting out of bed seems like too much of a challenge for you, turn to the lemons, immediately.

Get Rid of Joint Pain

Do you know what causes the pain in the joints? It can be caused by some medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and bursitis.

The pain in the joints can also be caused by an injury, may it be a sprain or a strain. Because the joints hold all of our bones together, they make it possible for us to move properly, and prevent our bones from rubbing together.

But, when the cartilage that prevents our bones from touching wears down, this is when we feel joint pain. It can sometimes be a small and annoying pain, but sometimes it cannot be bearable.

This is where the lemons come in. They are filled with Vitamin C, about 31% of the recommended daily intake. This is a very important vitamin for our body because it helps with the tendons, skin, ligaments and blood vessels.

This is a vitamin that helps our wounds heal faster too, form a scar tissue, maintain all the bones, including the teeth, as well as the cartilage. Another friend of the bones is the calcium, and the lemon possesses it too.

Because of all this, today we are going to present you with a simple recipe which will relieve you from the joint pain.

Remember that you should do this before you go to bed in the evenings, and enjoy the results the following morning. For this recipe you are going to need four organic lemons and some olive oil.

Now, the instructions. Take the lemon rind and put it in a jar, cover it with olive oil to the top. Then, close the jar and let it stay like that for two weeks.

When the two weeks have passed, put some of the remedy on a gause and apply it directly on the infected area. Then, just cover the gause, first with a plastic bag, then with a woolen shawl.

Yes, this sounds a bit weird and uncommon, but it totally works! Usually people throw away the skin of the lemon and just squeeze the juice out of it, but the peel can be as healing as the inside of the lemon!

It provides us with plenty of health benefits, among which decreasing the bad cholesterol levels because of its richness in potassium, then boosting the overall immunity of the body.

The lemon peel is rich in fiber which encourage a healthy bowel movement, the Vitamin C can get rid of a sore throat, the flu, a common cold, and any other infections.

Furthermore, the same vitamin will improve the health and looks of your skin, so, this means no more dark spots and wrinkles.

Finally, the lemon is proven to be quite effective in the battle against the extra pounds you’ve been leading for so long. The lemon will prevent you from absorbing excess amounts of sugar.

Bottom line is, if you haven’t consumed lemons before, we’d like to point out to you that this is the time to start consuming them now!