The zits always find a way to pop up on our face in the most obvious place, when we least expect them. It is really annoying, especially when you’ve come out of your teenage years and entered adulthood, and they are still there.

Get Rid of Acne

Thankfully, there are some methods which you can try in order to get rid of them. In addition we are going to enlighten your day by sharing them with you.

Oil Cleansing Method

this is a method that has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. So, the idea here is that the water will not wash off the oil from your face, but a certain type of oil will do just the job. Feel free to search for instructions on how to try this method.


the turmeric is a well known Indian spice which is added to the food there, but it can also be made into a paste when added to honey.

If this paste is spread on your face, then you will become acne clear. This is a kind of a mask which will make your skin glow, rejuveinated and make it soft.

People who have shared their experiences have said that their skin was acne free after only a month of use. What we probably need to mention here is that the turmeric is extremely powerful and may leave your skin a bit yellow, so continue using it with caution.

Double Cleansing

this method is actually consisted of first using the oil method we mentioned above, but then instead of cleaning your face with water, you use a gentle cleanser which is water based.

It is believed to improve the texture of the skin and help to get rid of the blackheads on the nose. It reduces the skin breakouts and makes the skin shiny.

Change the Pillowcase

every day! – think about it, your face spends a lot of time touching something that could potentially be filled with bacteria.

One acne patients who could not find a way to clear hi skin tried this method, changing his pillowcase every single day, and it worked !

His face cleared up. After he shared his experience online, he started getting a lot of praise and positive comments of the people who have tried the same method and worked for them too!

Spearmint Herbal Tea

the spearmint tea, if consumed regularly, every day, will improve your skin significantly and reduce the breakouts.

Find an organic version of the spearmint tea and drink it every day. You will be amazed with the results!

Coconut Oil

this last one is considered to be the holy grail of all the organic beauty products.

It is used for literally everything when it comes to preserving your health and beauty, and any blogger would confirm this fact. This is why the coconut oil is great for treating acne.