The only way you would question your pregnancy status is if you have missed your period or you are late. However, there are many signs that can show you whether you are pregnant or not long before you have to wait for your period.

Let’s be honest about this subject, being pregnant is a joy for some people, but a stress for the other. This is why, knowing it before even you start noticing you’re late is a very good option for you.

This is why additionally to this, we give you ALL of the symptoms that can indicate you are pregnant.

1. Bleeding and cramps – these symptoms can only occur if you have had unprotected sex on the days when you were ovulating. Women often experience this, and it is one of the first signs of being pregnant.

2. Increase in the body temperature – believe it or not, this is one of the most accurate symptoms of a pregnancy.

If you happen to be someone who keeps track of their body temperature very often, then this is a sign that you cannot miss.

It is not a big body temperature, like the fever, but it changes for a level or two, giving you enough just to know that you are carrying a child.

3. Changes in the breasts – the hormones, in the case of a pregnancy, send signals all over the body in order to prepare the entire body for the nine months to come.

The breasts are the ones which go under immediate changes, right after you have had unprotected relations. They tend to grow, and you will notice it because suddenly all of your clothes and shirts will feel a bit tight on you.

They can even appear swollen and will cause you pain if you touch them. If you are experiencing this, and your period is late, it is time to make a pregnancy test.

4. Tiredness and weakness – these are common signs which you can experience right before you start missing your period.

This is because the forming of the fetus takes up a lot of energy, leaving you with little focus and energy to deal with during the day.

The body goes through some major changes, such as increase in the production of blood, and the minerals and vitamins you have consumed may prove to be insufficient, and you will experience tiredness, nausea, weakness and weariness.

5. Nausea – speaking of which, this is a clear cut sign that you are expecting a child. If it happens repeatedly, especially right after you wake up in the morning, it definitely means that you are pregnant.

You will feel a bit weak and dizzy, and remember that this is the first sign of a pregnant women, before even a test is made.

6. Heavy stomach – even before you start noticing you’re late with your period, your stomach will start feeling heavy. There will be an uncomfortable weight in the stomach and you will feel discomfort while carrying yourself.

7. Difficulty breathing – it is not quite like any common breathing problem but the fact that you inhale and exhale more deeply.

You tend to seek for more air than the usual, and this symptom, combined with several other symptoms, is a sign of pregnancy.

8. Urgent pee – a common, and still an annoying sign of pregnancy is definitely this one. It is very uncomfortable, but the urge to pee all the time, especially during the night is exhausting. But, it is a real sign of pregnancy.

9. No more favorite food – your likes and dislikes concerning the food choices will definitely change for you. If you are getting sensitive to the smell of your favorite food, then you definitely are pregnant. This is a symptom that may last during the entire pregnancy.

10. Low blood pressure – again, this is connected to a mild headache or light dizziness, but it may be an early sign of a woman who is expecting.

11. Mood swings – if your partner starts complaining to you about you feeling fine, and then angry, and the next moment happy, then you are experiencing some major mood swings.

They can be caused by hormonal activities in the body. You may not realize this, but people consider the mood swing as a certain sign of a pregnancy.

12. Constipation – when the fetus in your body develops, it makes some changes in your digestive system too. The constipation is one consequence of those changes, so be careful.

13. Pain in the lower back – this type of pain prepares the body for the pregnancy. The development of the fetus is the most important job of your body, so these pains are absolutely normal. The fetus will need its space.

14. Excessive production of saliva – this symptom comes along with the nausea and the fatigue. Women in this stage do not even like swallowing their own saliva.

This is something that usually women with heartburn issues experience, especially right after they conceive.

15. Metal taste – even if you haven’t consumed anything, there is a metal taste in your mouth, right? The reason for this is still unknown but doctors claim that it is due to the hormonal changes your body is going through, so it definitely might be a sign of a pregnancy.

16. Resistant to odors – the pregnancy is definitely ringing to you if you suddenly start being sensitive to odors, and you previously haven’t been.

Maybe a smell of a food ingredient, a perfume, anything can piss you off! Well, we’d like to say to you that this is a pregnancy symptom too.

17. Thirsty often – because of the increased production of the blood cells you will feel thirsty all the time, and this is a sign that you will soon be entering the motherhood.

18. Funny appetite and urges – you may not want to eat a lot during the day, or have special inclination towards one particular kind of food, and you want to eat that all the time – well, these two are symptoms of a pregnancy.

19. Discharge that is milky white – this is a common symptom with women who are expecting, but however, if you happen to experience some itching or pain along with the discharge, consult your doctor immediately.

Finally, even though these symptoms can be an indication they cannot tell if you are 100% pregnant. They will help you notice something, but if you want to know for sure, take a pregnancy test or go to your doctor to check yourself.