The acne is a growing concern among the women nowadays, and people who have them seem to be very frustrated about it.

People are constantly looking for some expensive treatments, hoping to have their problem removed from their skin.

There are several reasons why acne pop up on the skin, and this is nothing to worry about. The t-zone and the chin are usually those who suffer the most.

The acne are a way of the skin trying to say to us that something unusual is happening in the body.

The red marks, pimples, rashes, and so on are all indicators that something strange is going on. This is why we will give you several reasons to why the acne on your skin happen.

1. Dirt – this modern lifestyle that we lead, while outdoors, makes our skin accumulate pollution and dust very easily. When the skin is exposed to all of this, it collects dust deposits, which later turn into acne.

The best way to protect yourself from this is using a scarf or a light cloth to cover your skin with.

2. Inefficient lifestyle – if there happens to be a blockage in the digestive system, your face will show it. An improper lifestyle, poor dietary choices throw the digestive system off track.

The best solution here is to maintain a healthier lifestyle and your face will be cleaner.

3. Dehydration – when the acne appear on your forehead it is a sign of dehydration. Dehydration is when the body lacks water, and it results with skin outbursts, among other things.

This is why you should stay hydrated at all times.

4. Blood pressure – if you happen to be suffering from a low blood pressure, the acne which happen around your nose should be a common sight for you.

Some people develop the low blood pressure, others inherit it, but either way it is connected with stress. In these cases avoid salt and your skin will be back to normal.

5. Stress – this is a common enemy which does harm to all the individuals. Unfortunately, it has become a major part in the life of today.

Make sure you handle stress easily, because even though it may show on your face, if your stress becomes bigger, there’s no way of telling which part of the body it might struck next.

6. Some medical conditions – especially with women, when they’re in puberty, while on their period, or pregnant, or in the motherhood, changes happen in the body.

All of these stages to have their own reactions, but this one is in common to all of them – acne. But do not worry, this one will pass smoothly on its own.

7. Oily skin – the oil which is trapped in the skin can cause the outbursts too. Many people have oily skin and they are dealing with acne too.

In this case, the lemon can help you, but make sure you do not apply it directly onto the acne infected region.

8. Make up – the make up has also started to play a major role in our lives. There are plenty of products out there that contain compounds you are allergic to.

If you are used to using a lot of make up, you will find some skin outbursts on your chin and the t-zone, because these are the softest regions on the face.

This is why you need to make sure you clean your face before and after putting on makeup.

9. Smoking and drinking – the excessive drinking can lead to troubles with the liver. If you notice some acne spots between your eyebrows it means that your liver is literally crying for help.

The smoking can influence the pigmentation of the skin, so if you ever care about your overall health, not only your skin, then quite with these two bad habits now.

10. Bacterial infections – the acne always shows on the most delicate parts of the face, and it can spread to other regions too if not treated with care.

If your body is fighting with a bacteria, it will show on your face. And as soon as the bacteria leave the body, your face will come back to normal.

Upon reading all of this, there is no need to panic. Just take the preventive measures and provide yourself with a healthy and glowing skin.