The coconut water kefir is actually fermented coconut water. This is an unbelievably rich pro biotic drink high in minerals, vitamins and elestrolytes.

Coconut Kefir

The coconut water contains riboflavin, beta carotene, thiamin, niacin, folates, pantothenic acid, vitamins A, C, E, B6 and K. but what is the most important fact here is that this kind of kefir is better than the regular one because it does not contain the problematic substances the regular dairy type does, such as lactose and casein.

In other words, this just means that your body will take all the benefits of it in a faster manner.

So, the coconut kefir is believed to be one of the most beneficial beverages ever because it has so much more potent effect on the body and the digestive system than the regular pro biotic products such as the yogurt.

As we are all already aware, dairy is something not all people can handle. And in addition to this, the minerals and electrolytes found in the coconut water are the same as those found in the human blood.

Some of the health benefits of the coconut water kefir is that will stop your cravings for sugar, strengthen the immune system, enhance hydration, aid digestion, increase your energy, clear your skin, give you a more efficient metabolism, improved vision.

It will furthermore destroys all the pathogenic yeasts in the body, is a great source of sodium, potassium and chloride, cleanses the endocrine system and eases the PMS.

But how to prepare this coconut kefir? Well, there are three ways – you can use the existing kefir as a starter, you can use a kefir starter culture or use kefir grains. We would personally choose the third way, using kefir grains.

You will need 7 cups of fresh coconut water and five tablespoons of water kefir grains. Put the coconut water in a jar, and then just add the kefir grains in the jar as well.

Cover the jar up loosely and let it stay like that for 48 hours. Don’t let it sit for another hour more, for if it ferments too much, the jar might explode.

When it has fermented, the coconut water will become cloudy and lighter in color. You will notice the kefir grains rising up to the top of the jar.

So, when there 48 hours pass, just remove the grains. They can be used immediately for a new batch or be stored in the fridge in a cup of water. Enjoy!