Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can get your social or medicinal intake of marijuana. Many innovative companies are constantly creating new and interesting methods to ingest cannabis.

Recently, the Arizona company Vapen has invented the first-ever cannabis inhaler, called Vapen Clear. The Vapen Clear looks and functions just like a typical inhaler. However, instead of providing albuterol, it delivers pure THC.

What Is the Vapen Clear?

The Vapen Clear inhaler releases the psychoactive compound THC. Each puff provides the user with 10 mg, which means that there are 100 total puffs per cartridge.

Unlike the normal vaporizer pens, the Vapen Clear does not heat the THC. Instead, it uses a propellant which delivers the medicine directly into the lungs of the user.

This Vapen Clear comes in three different designs, the “Daytime”, the “Nighttime”, and the “Afternoon” inhaler, which are based on your favorite strain.

The “Daytime” inhaler contains THC from a sativa strain that will provide you with energy. The “Nighttime” inhaler contains THC from an indica strain that will produce a more relaxing effect.

And, the “Afternoon” inhaler will provide you with a steady buzz from a hybrid of the two.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Vapen Clear?

As mentioned above, the Vapen Clear looks just like any other inhaler, so when people see it, they would assume that it is an asthma inhaler.

Also, unlike many other cannabis consumption methods which produce very strong odor, the Vapen Clear doesn’t leave any smell. Since the product doesn’t heat the oil, it cannot produce any odor.

Another beneficial feature of the product is its size. The Vapen Clear has a size of a normal inhaler, and you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. These factors make the device very discreet. Therefore, the possibility of being accused of medicating is barely existent.

Where Can You Find the Vapen Clear?

Currently, the Vapen Clear inhaler can be found only in Arizona at select specialist centers. However, the company has hinted that the product will soon be available in Washington, Nevada, Oregon, California, and Colorado.