Using aluminum foil for cooking can severely damage your health. A recent study has discovered that the heat encourages the aluminum from the foil to leach out directly into the food in excessive amounts.

Aluminum Foil

The use of aluminum foil for cooking leads to a great intake of aluminum through the cooked foods, which poses a serious threat to your health. Here is why you shouldn’t wrap the food in aluminum foil.

The Aluminum Accumulates in your Body

The researchers found out that the foods contain dangerously high levels of aluminum when they are cooked, reheated, or cooled on aluminum foil.

This will lead to an accumulation of aluminum in the body. According to Dr. Zubaidy, one of the authors of the study, the foil shouldn’t be used for cooking because high temperatures will increase the level of leaching.

However, the researchers also stated that the foil is considered to be safe for wrapping cold foods since the leaching cannot occur without heating.

The Aluminum May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

The study has shown that the aluminum can be deposited in the brain tissue, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Various other studies have found an accumulation of aluminum in autopsies performed on Alzheimer’s patients. The aluminum is a neurotoxic heavy metal that can cause minor to severe brain dysfunctions.

Apart from Alzheimer’s disease, the aluminum foil can be responsible for causing a memory loss, trouble focusing and concentrating, and improper balance.

The Aluminum Competes with Calcium and Weakens the Bones

High levels of aluminum in the body can alter the bone mineralization, parathyroid, matrix formation, and bone cell activity.

Hypercalcemia, or high calcium levels in the blood, is one of the most common signs of an excessive aluminum accumulation.

The presence of aluminum impedes the deposition of calcium in the bone, which leads to increased levels of calcium in the blood.

This has a severe impact on the parathyroid hormone (PTH), a hormone secreted by the parathyroid glands, which is important for bone remodeling.

In addition, chronic aluminum toxicity decreases the osteoblast population and inhibits the bone mineralization, leading to osteoporosis.