The alternative medicine method called accupressure is a mixture of the accupuncture and pressure, and is one of the most common methods in this area.

Acupressure Points 

A lot of people believe that this is the therapy that can make your digestive process act faster, prevent your gas issues, and help your stomach to empty out in a faster way.

This is why today we are going to show you some accupressure points on your body which you absolutely have to know of, especially if you want to relieve the bloating in your stomach and other issues connected to it.

Stomach Points 

You can easily find these points if you just go down the middle lines of the body. You can find the first one right above the navel, and the second one two centimeters below, and so on.

You can help yourself by applying pressure directly on these points. This is a helpful way to reduce frustration, constipation, heartburn caused by an emotional stress, abdominal contraction, back pain, and of course stomach pain. To get the best results, apply pressure on these points on a daily basis.

Lower Back Points 

You can find the lower back points which will relieve you from the gas in the body on the side of the body.

This part is also called the Sea of Vitality. The area around the waistline contains 4 lower back points. By applying pressure on them, you can relieve yourself from indigestion, abdominal pain and stomach pain. But, make sure you do not exercise these points if you have any issues with a weak back.

Hand Points 

These points can easily be found on the inside of the wrist, and this spot is also referred to as the Inner Gate Point.

If you apply pressure on this particular hart of your hand you can improve the digestion process and eliminate the pain and nausea.

Leg Three Miles 

These special points on the legs are the key to your energy being boosted, and it allows people to walk for three miles when they’re feeling tired and exhausted.

In order to locate these points you have to bend your legs a bit and place four fingers right below the kneecap.

Begin with your index finger by placing it on the very end of the kneecap and place the other four fingers below it.

You can find the point located on the outer side of the shin bone. When you stimulate these points, your energy and immunity will be boosted, your digestion will be improved, and your vomiting, nausea, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation will be relieved.

Feet Points 

There are two quite important accupressure points on the feet. For you to find them, you will have to cross your ankle over the knee and search with your thumb until you find them.

The one is located on the top of the arch, one finger away from the ball of the foot, and the other one is where the bones in second and in the big toes meet.

If you decide to stimulate the first point, you will calm your stomach down, improve your circulation, and reduce gas. The stimulation on the second point will reduce the bloating and the gas.

Crossing of the Three Yin 

This is a bone which is located about three fingers above the bone in the inner ankle.

When you apply pressure on this exact point, you will accelerate the process of healing in the colitis, flatulence and abdominal distenton.