Brian Turner, a 23-year-old bodybuilder, has shared a surprising acne cure that provided him with a clear skin complexion. Mr. Turner has been suffering from severe acne ever since puberty.

After trying every possible solution, he decided to start following a vegan diet. He managed to clear his face by excluding the meat and dairy products from his diet.

Secret for His Incredible Acne Transformation

Instead, he consumed plenty of water and lots of vegetables. He guarantees that this diet can improve the condition of anyone who is dealing with the same skin issue.

Mr. Turner Eliminated His Acne by Eating 10-16 Servings of Vegetables and Drinking 3 Liters of Water a Day
Recently, Mr. Turner has revealed the secret for his clear complexion in an Instagram video posted to his 70,000 followers.

His entire face was covered with acne and nodular cysts. Initially, he started using Accutane, a strong anti-acne drug.

He was taking Accutane for more than 70 weeks. However, the drug failed to reduce his acne, so he started trying different things in hope that his condition will improve. The most effective solution to cure the acne was to follow a vegan diet.

Mr. Turner’s diet consists of a lot of water and vegetables. He dropped all animal-based and dairy products of his diet, and he started consuming 10 to 16 servings of vegetables and at least a gallon of water on a daily basis.

According to Mr. Turner, the combination of water and vegetables can help the acne sufferers to notice a significant difference in their skin.